• Running media platform designed to cheaply and rapidly distribute content for news.

  • News and news commentary using Zennie62 YouTube Partner Channel, 98-blog network.

  • Featuring Oakland News Now flagship site

  • Content development and marketing

  • Social Media marketing and consulting services

  • Reputation management

  • Press release and distribution

  • Online and mobile app development for media

  • Email: info@zennie62.com


Zennie62Media is the CNN of the 21st Century.  Zennie62Media merges tech and media for better, faster, more efficient delivery via smartphones. 


Zennie62Media can help you tell your story in your words, online.  Think of us as your online auto-biographer and broadcast programmer.  We're the equalizer - you hire us when you think other media is ignoring you.


Zennie62Media is a digital media company created to to present our content creation and marketing, reputation management, and social media marketing and consulting services, and to make apps for media.   


Zennie62Media contains Zennie62.com - the online presence on over 300 social media and blog platforms. Zennie62Media is a tech media organization.

Zennie62Media reports and comments on the news, and covers news, politics, pop culture, tech, and sports.  We're blogging, video-blogging and real-time vlogging at CES, Oscar Parties, The NFL Draft and NFL Owners Meetings, San Diego Comic Con, and tech events.  In fact, we're celebrating year 10 at both CES Las Vegas and SDCC this year, 2019!

Zennie62Media helps you make and distribute content to promote your business. Let us help you with with content creation and marketing, reputation management, and social media marketing, press release writing, and press conference formation and media outreach.  We can do it because we own over 98 blogs and run 500 social network platforms.

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