Zennie62Media was created to solve a problem. 


Many friends have businesses who need comprehensive online and social media marketing help.  But a number of organizations in the online and social media marketing space did not do the work of making blogs, video-blogs, and content on a daily basis, let alone monetizing it.  Thus, they did not know how to properly analyze what they did because they did not rely on money from the resultant perfomance of what they did. 


In other words, if you make a blog but it's not properly optimized or coded for analysis, how can you say anyone saw it?  How can you know how much in ad revenue it generated, if you don't have ads on it?  


And if you don't know how to make what you do visible to others, and have not done it, how can you claim to be able to help anyone else?


Zennie62Media brings real, daily experience to the work of helping you.  We can make and run Twitter accounts and Facebook pages, and build and run a comprehensive web presence for you. Indeed, we run hundreds of Twitter accounts, already.


But Zennie62Media also houses the blogs and content of Zennie62, and we're clear when some item of content is news versus sponsored content.  But the fact is, a new media organization has to make online platforms that generate revenue.  

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